Floor Cleaning Equipment Manitoba sells top-name floor scrubbing machines in both walk behind and ride-on types. Walk behind floor scrubbers range from 17” to 36” and riders start at 26” and go up to 50+” in size.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers

Our extensive selection of walk-behind floor scrubbers makes it easy to choose a model that will perfectly fit your needs and budget. We represent almost every manufacturer in this industry in an effort to provide our customers with the selection they need to choose the right equipment for their application.

Walk-behind floor sweepers

With paths from 26 inches up to 78 inches wide, we sell sweepers for every application! Choose from indoor/outdoor models powered by battery, gas, L.P. or diesel.

Ride-on floor scrubbers

Clean large spaces in less time with our wide range of ride-on floor scrubbers. Choose from micro, mid-size or large area units.

Ride-on floor sweepers

Get your industrial or commercial grade rider sweeper from us. Dependable & rugged in each case, our name brand sweepers will keep your facility floors free of dust & debris. Available in new, used & refurbished condition.

Propane floor polishers

Bring your floors to a deep, lustrous shine with a high-powered Propane Burnisher. Burnishers have greater torque, pad speed, and pad pressure. For great deals on new & refurbished floor burnishers in Manitoba, call us today! We have a pleasant selection from major manufacturers.

Carpet extractors

Find great deals on carpet extractors, vacuums, portable spotter extractors, box extractors & self-contained carpet extractors with us. We have innovative carpet cleaning solutions for both commercial and industrial applications.

Parts & accessories

Get the best quality OEM or aftermarket parts & accessories at the lowest price with us!

To search by part number or description call us toll free at 1-877-941-1120.

Rental machines

Top brands, huge selection.

Save money when you rent from Floor Cleaning Equipment Manitoba. We have a great selection of name brand rental floor cleaning machines and have a fleet to meet virtually every need! If your office or warehouse only requires a scrubber or sweeper on a temporary basis, we have a fleet of rental machines on hand for daily, weekly or monthly use.

Get the best price on floor scrubbers, sweepers & various floor cleaning machines in Manitoba! We have Scrubbers, Sweepers, Carpet Cleaners & more for all needs and budgets.

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